TMJ Treatment

What is TMJ? TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints. These are the joints and jaw muscles located on the side of your head that enable you to talk, chew, and yawn. If you place your fingers in front of your ears and open your mouth, you can feel these joints. TMJ disorders are the problems that […]

Emergency Dental Care

What is a dental emergency? A dental emergency is a dental problem involving the teeth or gums that requires immediate attention. Emergency care can include getting someone out of pain, stopping bleeding, or saving a tooth. Though never convenient, dental emergencies should not be ignored as doing so can lead to more serious and costly […]

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of services. Whether your goal is to whiten or straighten your teeth, repair chips or cracks, replace one or more teeth, or even get a complete smile makeover, there are many effective solutions for improving your smile. Three great ways to improve your smile  Teeth whitening  Would you like […]

Cleanings and Gum Disease Prevention

Why professional tooth cleaning? Having good brushing and flossing habits are vital for maintaining a healthy smile. It is also important to see the dentist for regular teeth cleaning. Professional cleanings are effective at getting rid of the hard deposits that form on the teeth and that cannot be removed with merely a toothbrush. Getting […]