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Dr. Bhave provides high-quality dentures that are custom-made to fit your needs. As a prosthodontist, she is extensively trained beyond a general dentist in the design, fabrication and placement of dentures.

She takes great care with each detail of your denture to ensure it is durable, well-fitting, aesthetic and has proper bite alignment in your mouth. She sees you for follow-up visits after your denture is placed to ensure your dentures are completely comfortable and function properly.

Dr. Bhave provides every type of denture, including full dentures, partial dentures, no-metal partials and implant-supported dentures. She also provides relines and repairs.

Experienced Denture Specialist

Dr. Bhave of Bay Area Dental Specialists

Dr. Bhave is a prosthodontist, a dental specialist in the aesthetic and functional restoration of teeth and the replacement of teeth. After earning her degree as a general dentist, she completed three years of postgraduate specialist training and residency in treatment planning complex cases and creating replacement teeth such as dentures.

Every step of her procedure for dentures is executed using advanced techniques that are beyond the training that a general dentist receives. A prosthodontist is generally the best person to go to for dentures that are well-fitting, natural-looking and comfortable.

Complimentary New Patient Special

If you have broken-down teeth and need all your teeth replaced, or if you are already wearing dentures and need newly fitted teeth, take advantage of our special offer for a complete exam and X-rays with Dr. Bhave. She will let you know what your best options are for replacement teeth and will answer all of your questions. Your visit will include:

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Full set of dentures in San Jose

Types of Dentures We Offer

  • Full Dentures

    Partial dentures in San JoseDr. Bhave provides high-quality, custom dentures that replace an entire arch of missing teeth. She creates the dentures so they have correct bite alignment to ensure they are comfortable and function optimally.

  • Partial Dentures

    Partial no-metal dentures in San JoseTraditional partial dentures are usually made out of a rigid acrylic and are held in place by biocompatible metal claps that grip the adjacent teeth.

  • Non-Metal Partial Dentures

    Dr. Bhave provides metal-free partials and has them custom-fabricated at a local high-tech lab. They are made out of biocompatible medical-grade materials and are very lifelike and comfortable.

  • Relines and Repairs

    Dentures being relined

    Dr. Bhave provides quality relines and repairs for your denture if it becomes loose or broken.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures (Greater Stability & Chewing Power)

    Dr. Bhave can place dental implants to support your new denture so it is stable, does not slip and has significantly increased chewing power. She can fabricate your denture so it snaps onto the implants while still being removable, or she can design it so that it will be permanently fixed onto the implants.

    Illustration of snap-in dentures supported by implantsAn implant-supported denture is the strongest and most lifelike denture system available today.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Immediate Same-Day Dentures

If your remaining teeth are too decayed or broken-down to repair, Dr. Bhave can perform any necessary extractions and provide you with a brand new set of dentures on the same day.

After an initial exam and treatment planning, Dr. Bhave will fabricate custom temporary dentures that she will give you to wear immediately after your teeth are extracted. Your temporary denture will be fully-functional, comfortable and aesthetic. Once your gums have fully healed, your final denture will be custom-designed, fabricated and placed.

Benefits of Dentures

Denture Specialist Bay Area, CADentures are a practical and affordable way to rehabilitate your smile. Contemporary dentures look and feel more realistic in your mouth than those from previous generations. Not only do they look like natural teeth to the people you meet, but they are also less likely to slip out of place and cause an embarrassing situation. Dentures can be removed for easy cleaning.

Caring for Dentures

Daily care is an essential component for keeping your dentures beautiful and usable for many years. You should remove and rinse your dentures after eating and drinking to keep them free of food particles. Dentures should be brushed daily, but not with toothpaste as that can cause the material to prematurely erode. At night, place your dentures in a glass of water (of mild temperature) to prevent them from warping and no longer fitting perfectly in your mouth.

Cost of Dentures

The price of your dentures will depend on the quality and style of dentures selected to complete your mouth, as well as whether dentures are being used for one or both rows of teeth. With a variety of types of dentures available at Bay Area Dental Specialists, our team will help you find a choice that fits your budget and provides you with a smile you can be happy with.

Most dental insurance plans do cover dentures, though they often have an annual spending cap that may not cover the entire cost. Bay Area Dental Specialists will work with you to ensure that your benefits are maximized to limit your out-of-pocket costs. We also offer financing plans through CareCredit if it is more convenient for you to pay for your dentures in monthly installments rather than in one lump sum.

Real Patients Testimonials about Dentures at Bay Area Dental Specialists

False teeth specialist Bay Area, CA“I purchased a full set of quality dentures and they could not be more comfortable. My bite is perfect now. The level of service is also exceptional with Dr. Bhave spending considerable time tweaking the fit. If I was to go through this process again, it would be at Bay Area Dental specialists.” — M.F.

“The level of expertise and professionalism was honestly impressive from beginning to end. I had tons of questions regarding my treatment plan, and she was always willing to have a dialogue with me at the level I could understand. I quickly began to trust her expertise and I’m extremely happy with the final results.” — B.H.

“I am very happy with my new dentures, Dr. Bhave did a wonderful job and corrected a lot of things. I highly recommend, they are perfect!” — P.J.

Alternatives to Dentures

If you have some teeth remaining in your mouth, it may make sense to use them as part of the full mouth rehabilitation plan rather than extract them. Dr. Bhave may suggest dental bridges, which attach to your natural teeth with crowns and hold a row of prosthetic teeth between them to complete your smile.

Dental implants are another option. Here, Dr. Bhave inserts a titanium post directly into the jawbone, to which a realistic-looking prosthetic tooth is attached. While you can choose to replace every tooth in your mouth with dental implants (provided the jawbone is strong enough), that may be prohibitively expensive, which usually makes dentures or dental bridges the preferable option on a limited budget.

Dentures FAQs

Are dentures right for me?

Most patients with missing teeth are candidates for dentures. While dentures can certainly improve the look of your smile, they do so much more than improve your appearance. When you leave a gap in your mouth, your remaining teeth can start to shift out of place, which can have a devastating effect on the comfort and functionality of your bite. Dentures fill in these gaps and prevent your teeth from developing these problems. Dentures also work to preserve the upper and lower jawbones. Jawbone that is missing teeth will often start to recede, which can change the look of your entire face for the worse.

The longer you wait to replace your missing teeth, the more difficult it will be to fit dentures for your mouth, so do not put off scheduling a procedure this critical to your health.

What is the process like?

You will visit our office several times over a period of weeks. For some patients, existing teeth will be extracted to make way for the new appliance. After that, Dr. Bhave will take impressions to aid in the design of your dentures, and you will select the shape and color of artificial teeth from an array of choices. Once your new dentures have been created at a lab and returned to our office, the emphasis will be on ensuring a comfortable fit. After you’ve worn the dentures for a short period of time, Dr. Bhave will make the final adjustments.

Should I use implants to anchor my dentures?

Dental implants can certainly help to increase the stability of your dentures. Implants are securely rooted directly to your jaw, better anchoring your new set of teeth. Since lower dentures need to leave additional space for the tongue and are consequently more prone to shifting around, implants are especially useful for these teeth.

The titanium posts of implants also keep the jawbone stimulated, similar to the roots of natural teeth. Compared with dentures that are not anchored by implants, this is an even more effective way to prevent the bone loss and changes to your facial profile that can occur with missing teeth.

What are the lifestyle effects of dentures?

There is often an adjustment period for new denture wearers. At first, your mouth will need to learn how to speak and chew normally with these new teeth. Chewy and sticky foods can be especially hard to manage initially. As for speech, most patients just need a little practice to get their tongue in harmony with their dentures.

While Dr. Bhave always makes sure to provide his patients with dentures that fit precisely, you may consider using denture adhesive in the first weeks as you relearn how to talk and eat with your dentures.

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