Why You Need to See the Dentist at Least Twice a Year

Submitted on March 17, 2023

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental exams and professional cleanings every six months to maintain a healthy mouth and sparkling smile. Some people may need more frequent visits if they have areas prone to plaque buildup or gum disease. While it can be challenging to fit biannual visits into your family’s busy schedule, these… Read More »

Are You a Candidate for Full Mouth Rehabilitation? Renew and Restore Your Smile

Submitted on February 15, 2023

Many people struggle with unsightly tooth imperfections and missing teeth that affect their oral health and ability to chew, eat or speak. Full mouth rehabilitation is the term for a comprehensive dental treatment plan that aims to address several tooth, jaw and gum concerns at once. Full mouth rehabilitation (sometimes known as full mouth reconstruction)… Read More »

How Diabetes Management Impacts Your Oral Health

Submitted on January 16, 2023

Most people with diabetes understand many of the ways the disease can affect their bodies, but some are unaware that high blood sugar can have a tremendous impact on oral health. At Bay Area Dental Specialists, we want patients with diabetes to understand how disease management can lead to a healthier mouth.  High blood sugar… Read More »

Adults and Teens Rave About Invisalign Clear Braces: Are You a Candidate?

Submitted on December 16, 2022

Clear braces have become the premier option for straightening misaligned teeth and bite concerns, and Invisalign clear aligners offer a better-looking and functioning smile without unsightly metal braces. Many people with overcrowding and other alignment problems believe their case is too severe to qualify for Invisalign. However, Invisalign can address a range of orthodontic issues… Read More »

5 Warning Signs Teeth Grinding Is Affecting Your Oral Health

Submitted on November 16, 2022

Teeth grinding, clenching or gnashing is called bruxism and can severely impact your oral health. Many people are unaware of their tendency to grind their teeth, whether they develop the habit when awake or tend to clench their teeth while they sleep. Mild bruxism may not have a noticeable effect on your teeth. Ongoing, severe… Read More »

How Gum Disease May Affect Your Body and When to Seek Treatment

Submitted on September 17, 2022

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is a common dental issue that often stems from poor oral hygiene. However, the detrimental effects go beyond the mouth, with many research bodies linking gum disease to serious health conditions. At Bay Area Dental Specialists, we offer periodontal disease treatment and deep cleanings to restore a healthy mouth and body. 

The Benefits of Dental Implants for Full Arch Replacement

Submitted on August 18, 2022

People missing an entire arch of teeth have significant dental concerns. Whether these teeth were lost naturally or extracted to improve oral health, dental implants for full arch replacement, or All-on-4, offer new teeth in a single day. Dr. Ashwini Bhave is a talented prosthodontist specializing in dental restorations with extensive experience and training as… Read More »

Why Dental Hygiene Is Critical Before a Dental Implant Procedure

Submitted on July 19, 2022

Poor dental hygiene and gum disease are primary causes of tooth loss. Once a tooth is lost, oral health falls into more disrepair as the jawbone degrades and the remaining teeth shift to fill the gap. A missing tooth often begets more missing teeth. When it comes to restoring a healthy mouth with dental implants,… Read More »

Why a Dentist Should Be in Charge of Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

Submitted on June 19, 2022

Some dentists, like Dr. Ashwini Bhave of Bay Area Dental Specialists, have the training, skills and experience necessary to treat your sleep apnea. It is important to understand the seriousness of sleep apnea to fully appreciate why a dentist like Dr. Bhave should be in charge of your sleep apnea treatment. This article will discuss… Read More »