No one wants discolored teeth, and yellowish, grayish or brownish stains are an issue for many people. Top San Jose dentists at Bay Area Dental Specialists discuss the causes of tooth discoloration, and ways to prevent it.


Certain food and drink, consumed regularly over time, lend themselves to tooth discoloration. Among them are some of the most popular beverages, including coffee, tea, wine and colas. Certain fruits and vegetables, among them apples, can also stain teeth.


Most people realize cigarette smoking is an unhealthy habit. While the risks of cancer and cardiovascular issues rise with smokers, the habit is also responsible for teeth discoloration. That also holds true for those who chew tobacco rather than smoke it. Save your health and your teeth by quitting.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Lack of good dental hygiene can result in all sorts of tooth issues, including discoloration. Those who do not brush frequently enough or fail to use dental floss increase the odds of eventually discoloring their teeth.


Some people cannot remember when their teeth were not discolored, and that is likely because their mother took antibiotics during pregnancy. Antibiotics given to children age 8 and under may also cause this discoloration.

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to treat malignancies in the head or neck may find the drugs changing tooth color. Other medications, including those prescribed for high blood pressure and antihistamines, can change tooth shade. If your teeth darkened after taking such medications for a while, ask your doctor if there is a substitute drug without this side effect.


Any sort of tooth trauma can affect tooth color down the road. In children whose enamel is still forming, damage to the teeth can mean permanent discoloration. Adults who damage teeth through a fall or other mishap may also find that the damaged teeth become discolored.


Genetics also plays a role in tooth discoloration. If discolored teeth run in your family and are not caused by personal behaviors, then it is likely you inherited the condition. If your teeth were whiter when you were young, the discoloration could prove part of the natural aging process. With age, the enamel on teeth starts wearing away, and beneath it lies yellow dentin. Either way, there are numerous methods available to create a bright, white smile.

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