Dental Crowns in San Jose Over 15 million Americans have at least one dental crown in their mouth. This popular cosmetic and restorative treatment is considered one of the most versatile procedures because of the range of problems it addresses. As a prosthodontist (a doctor who specializes in restoring and cosmetically enhancing teeth), Dr. Ashwini Bhave is San Jose’s top choice for crown-related procedures. Here, she shares some of the reasons she recommends dental crowns.

You Have a Broken Tooth

If your tooth has a significant crack or chip due to an injury, chewing on something hard, or teeth grinding, your tooth may no longer be able to function at full strength. Since cracks and chips can grow over time, covering the tooth can help to stop the tooth from breaking further and maintain the quality of your bite.

You Had a Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure that removes infected pulp from a tooth to prevent it from needing to be extracted, sealing the empty space at the center. While a root canal can save a tooth from needing to be extracted, the tooth may be too weak to function correctly on its own after root canal. A crown not only bolsters a tooth after root canal, but also helps to keep out bacteria that can cause more infection. 

Your Tooth Has Had Multiple Fillings

Fillings are an effective way to keep a cavity from causing further decay, but they are not designed to last your whole lifetime. Periodically, your filling needs to be replaced, but a tooth that has undergone many fillings may become weak due to this restorative work. To protect your tooth for the long term, Dr. Bhave may suggest adding a crown.

Your Tooth Needs a Cosmetic Upgrade

Sometimes, you may decide that a crown is the best cosmetic solution for a healthy but imperfect tooth. If you have a tooth that has a different size, shade, or shape than your other teeth, you can cover it with a crown that is custom created to look like your other teeth. This is a far better option than trying to remove the tooth altogether.

Speak to Dr. Bhave

Dr. Bhave is one of the Bay Area’s best dentists. She may recommend a crown or an alternative treatment, in a variety of situations, to ensure you have a healthy, beautiful smile. To find out if you could benefit from a crown, schedule an appointment by calling (408) 809-7760.