Why Dental Hygiene is Critical Before Implants, San Jose Ca

Poor dental hygiene and gum disease are primary causes of tooth loss. Once a tooth is lost, oral health falls into more disrepair as the jawbone degrades and the remaining teeth shift to fill the gap. A missing tooth often begets more missing teeth. When it comes to restoring a healthy mouth with dental implants, dental hygiene and good oral health are critical to avoid implant failure. 


Dr. Ashwini Bhave is an experienced prosthodontist who can give you back a full smile with dental implants at Bay Area Dental Specialists in San Jose. 


Dental Implants Rely on Healthy Tissues and Bone

Dental implants begin with placing a titanium post in the jawbone as an artificial tooth root. The jawbone needs to fuse with the post before a dental crown is connected via a screw-like abutment. Before this process starts, you must have a healthy mouth and enough bone structure to secure the implant. That means improving dental hygiene habits at home with strict brushing and flossing daily and managing lifestyle habits or medical conditions that can complicate healing, such as smoking and diabetes. Smokers need to quit before starting the dental implant process and stay away from smoking well after their procedure because it inhibits healing. Uncontrolled diabetes can also impact how well your tissues heal. 


Good oral hygiene is the best way to ensure a successful outcome with dental implants. Implant failure is more likely when the patient has poor dental habits. The implant may shift out of place, and the tissues around the implant can recede, making osseointegration slow down or fail. Osseointegration is the process of the jawbone fusing with the titanium post for a dental implant, which happens faster in patients with a healthy mouth. 


Gum Disease and Dental Implants 

Gum disease may start with swollen tissues and bleeding gums when you floss or brush, but advanced stages of periodontitis wreak havoc on your mouth. Gum tissue may pull away from the teeth and create pockets for bacteria to breed and collect food debris. Advanced periodontitis leads to tooth loss, and healthy gum tissue must be restored before considering dental implants


Healthy gum tissue is a requirement for dental implants, and one of the best ways to improve symptoms is better oral hygiene. Periodontal treatment and deep cleanings may be necessary for advanced gum disease. Existing gum disease is known to cause implant failure because the weakened tissues and bone can’t support an implant. 


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